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Best Edmond Property Management Companies

Things to Look For:

You want a company that is local and understands the local market.


You want a property manager that utlizes the latest technology such as buildium or appfolio to keep your documents organized, payments organized.


A company that can ACH your portion of rent payments to your bank account so that you are not waiting on snail mail.

Someone who doesn't nickle and dime you, that wants to partner with you in your investment journey.

Has an Owner and Tenant Portal.


Guarantees Performance or your money back.


1) Central Property Management: This company is family owned and LOCAL, they are not a national chain. When you call, you are treated like family. The owners were born and raised in Oklahoma and understand Oklahoma values. They provide 6 guarantees that most PM companies do not. The satisfaction guarantee says that if for any reason you are not satisfied with their services, you can give a 30 day notice to discontinue your relationship. Most other companies require that the tenant they placed must vacate the property, and that it must be the end of your lease with their company so it's next to impossible to go seperate ways. 

Their second guarantee is that if a tenant is not found for your property in 30 days then the property management fee for that month is waived. Most companies have no promise like this, they could take 100 days and you are stuck.

Their third guarantee is the on time payment guarantee, if your rent payment isn't sent to you by the 10th business day of the month, the management fee is waived. To see the rest of the guarantees, clich here. 

They utilize the latest technology such as Buildium to keep everything organized and running smoothly.

2) Real Property Management: This company is a national brand, there are actually two of these franchises in Oklahoma City. They have good processes and use really good technology features such as Appfolio. Their team is a decent group where you will talk to a different person every time you call and they may not communicate between eachother which leads to having to repeart yourself to the staff.

















3) USA Realty: This company is another national brand that a lot of investors in OKC use for their property management needs. They have a very large team that awaits your phone call. Upfront pricing can be see on their website. One thing we like about them is their technology, and another is their very professional staff. 

They do not have ach payment capabilities for their owners, and mail a check which can cause some delays in receiving your money. 

They also do not have after hour voice answering services for your tenants when there are emergencies. 

4) 5 Doors Realty: They are a newer brand to the market and are gaining market share for good reason.


Their pricing is 11% per month and a $895 fee to find a tenant for the first month of service.

5) Capital Homes: They provide leasing, and tenant finding services.

Their pricing is 12% per month. They have a very professional website which includes an owner and tenant portal, ach payments, and buildium softare.


Best Property Management Company in OKC
Best Edmond Property Manager
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